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Our Vision

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Let's empower our youth to take ownership of their well-being and get active!  Let's give kids high-quality physical education so they have the opportunity to be a competitive and successful athlete in a sport that they love.  Let's inspire people of any age to be the best form of themselves that they can be, through a balanced lifestyle with health and fitness as a cornerstone. 

Girls Empowered Programs

Older girl helping a younger girl with her punching technique for boxing

We are very passionate about providing girls with high quality athletic instruction.  With building self-esteem through sport, girls can go on to be successful and competitive athletes in a sport that they love, and have the confidence to be their true selves and go after all their dreams. 

Future Champ Summer Camp

Youth boxing and agility exercise

We are the most unique summer sport camp in the city!  Get active, learn a new sport, and make new friends!  Enroll your child in one of our summer camps to learn the fundamentals of boxing.  Boxing has all the components to develop the complete athlete, as well as to develop confidence and self-esteem.  

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School Fun-Box Programs

Younger boy hitting the pads with an adult instructor in a school gymnasium.

Invite Focused Fitness YYC into your school and let us supplement your physical education program to introduce boxing to your students.  There's no better way to get kids engaged in physical activity then to teach them a new and exciting sport.  No contact, just technique and a fun way to get active.  Boxing brings out every kids' inner champion!

Kids' Birthday Parties

Several young kids with their hands up in boxing gloves, smiling.

Invite Focused Fitness YYC to your child's next birthday and let us lead the party through boxing and agility skills, games, and relays. All activities are non-contact, and we bring all the equipment to you. A fun way for kids to get active!  Contact us for details.

Corporate Team-Building

Two guys boxing outside

Enhance trust, communication, positivity, and respect among your team members.  We lead your team through a fun and focused boxing and agility session, coming to you and bringing all the equipment.  Contact us for details.