Girls Community Boxing Programs

Inspire Confidence and Self-Esteem Through Boxing


To provide girls with high-quality physical education in a small group setting.  To develop girls' self-confidence through sport which they can apply to all areas of their lives.  To empower girls to lead healthy and active lifestyles.  To inspire young girls to be the best form of themselves that they can be.


We feel that physical literacy skills are just as important as reading and writing or mathematics skills, yet many girls are not provided with enough opportunities to fully develop their athletic abilities.  Physical education class in school is great for exposing girls to many different sports, but it is not enough to fully develop high-quality athletic skills in every single student.  With class sizes getting larger and larger, often times young girls will shy away in gym class, not having the confidence to try new sports because they haven’t yet mastered the basic athletic skills.

The program that we offer is an introduction to Boxing Fundamentals for girls in a small group setting.  No sparring or contact of any kind, just technique and a great way for girls to get active and master their fundamental athletic skills.  


Specifically for girls, the benefits of boxing are:

·  Improved confidence and self-esteem

·  Improved body awareness, applicable to all other sports

·  Improved concentration and focus

·  Improved relationships and respect for other girls

We teach fundamental athletic skills through boxing.  There is no sparring or physical contact, what we work on is

·  Stance, footwork, and movement

·  Balance, coordination, and agility through cooperative games and relays

·  Punching technique and punch combinations

·  Teamwork and a whole lot of FUN

All girls will experience success and a sense of accomplishment for learning a new sport, building capacity to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle.


Your head coach is Deanna Quinlan, a teacher with the Calgary Board of Education for the past eight years. She has over five years of experience as an amateur boxer with Legacy Boxing Club and Bowmount Boxing Club, working with Calgary’s best boxing coaches, and also teaches classes out of 10th Street Boxing Gym.  She recognizes the need for girls to get engaged in fitness at an early age so they have the opportunity to reach their full athletic potential.


NCCP Boxing Coach Level 1

NCCP Fundamental Movement Skills

First Aid/AED/CPR Level C  

Canadian Fitness Professionals Fitness Instructor Specialist

Alberta Education Permanent Teacher

Fully Insured and WCB Compliant

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