SPORTS team boxing & agility practice

Improve speed, power, reaction time, and communication among your players!


Invite Focused Fitness to work with your team for a boxing and agility focused practice.  Boxing encompasses all the fundamental athletic movements and helps any athlete improve

     - balance and coordination
     - agility
     - footwork speed
     - cardiovascular endurance
     - power movements

      - communication

      - trust and respect among teammates

Athletes will learn the appropriate stance and footwork, proper punching techniques, punching combinations, and defensive maneuvers, all in a safe and supervised environment.  No sparring or direct physical contact will occur. Participants will develop their punching and slipping techniques through agility exercises, cooperative games and relays, individual shadow boxing, and pad work with the instructor.  

All athletes will experience success and a sense of accomplishment for learning new athletic skills, transferrable to their sport.


Cost: $150.00 flat fee for up to 10 participants, additional $10 per additional participant

Location: We rent a community centre or school gym in your neighbourhood

Duration: One hour (longer sessions can be requested)

Equipment: All equipment provided including new youth boxing gloves and target mitts. 


Your head coach is Deanna Quinlan, a teacher with the Calgary Board of Education for the past eight years.  She has over eight years of experience as an amateur boxer with Legacy Boxing Club and Bowmont Boxing Club, working with Calgary’s best boxing coaches.  She is passionate about providing young athletes with all the tools that they need to be successful in any sport.


NCCP Boxing Level 1

NCCP Fundamental Movement Skills

First Aid/AED/CPR Level C  

Canadian Fitness Professionals Fitness Instructor Specialist

Fully Insured and WCB Compliant

Alberta Education Permanent Teaching Certificate

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We work with all types of teams in and around the Calgary area, both male and female, ages 8-18.  From hockey and ringette to dance and basketball, our programs help athletes master their fundamental athletic skills and reach their full athletic potential.